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Fuji America's instruction on PST file

Hon Choi


Fuji America's instruction on PST file | 1 October, 1999

Dear all,

The following instructions are provided by Fuji America on the use of the Permanent Set Table. The PST can be used to specify where components are to be allocated on the CP6 series chipshooters. Hope this helps:

>If permanent set processing is used, designate the permanent set table name (PST). The Separator uses the PST to restrict the allocation of specified parts to certain feeder positions on the unit (device) table. The PST is mainly used for efficiency reasons. >Feeders for parts that are employed frequently are left (permanently set) in the same device position, whether the feeder is to be used by the next program or not. Feeders for parts that are employed infrequently may be allocated to different positions from one program to the next. >An example of the PST file is listed below: "UNIT", "PST" "BLOCK", "HEADER-" "UnitType","CP6-140"

"BLOCK", "PLACE+" "SlotNo", "DeviceType", "DeviceName" 1, "I", "382946-84736" 3, "I", "383442-28374" 5, "I", "28364-3852" >SlotNo = The slot number to be permantly set. >DeviceType = The letter "I" represents that the Parts Name field in the Unit Data will be the Part ID of the part data (not Part Type). >DeviceName= This needs to be the Part Number. Think of the DeviceName field as the Parts Name field located in the Unit Data. >The Simple Explanation: >Use the SlotNo field to designate the slot number. >DeviceType should always be set to the letter "I" just like in the Unit data section. >DeviceName has to be a part number. If your Parts Name field in the Unit Data is 1206C, 0805R, SOT23, SOIC8 or something like that, the PST file will not work correctly. You have to use a part number. MCS used the device comment field for this option, however F4G uses the Parts Name field. That means that your Part Data Editor (VPD) must reflect a Parts ID field using a part number, attached to a Part Type and Package name. This part number that is listed in your F4G database (Part ID), must match up with the PST's DeviceName field. >The PST, Base Program Name and Next Device feature are all depended upon the Parts Name field being an actual part number. Not a name like 1206C.

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