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Earl Moon


More Site Promotion | 28 September, 1999

I have a keen interest in the whole SMTNet experience and its potential. The latter is being realized daily and, hopefully, will continue.

I do have a big concern about the editors forum and SMT Express. Simply, there's not enough involvement.

When Cunli was moderating and managing things, he and Mike got the pot stirred up a bit. We need more of that as well as methods to attract new writings and postings on the forum.

Personally, I hang out on the IPC TechNet as well. Much of what I do there is self promotion, information dissemination (as here), and advertising for this institution. I always tell folks to visit this site and look at postings and, of course, my articles and column.

We need preserve the value of this site as well as improve it. I may be wrong, but we need more promotion - especially concerning SMT Express.

Earl Moon

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