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Gold finger burnishing

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Gold finger burnishing | 27 April, 2021

We have some circuit boards with some burnishing on the gold fingers from beveling. Does not go through the gold but is cosmetically noticeable. Is this a defect? Is it rejectable or cosmetic? Can someone tell me where the IPC deals with this? I have some photographs

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Gold finger burnishing | 28 May, 2021

I'm honestly not sure IPC addresses this? the one thing i would ask myself if it were my issue: is the effected area in the critical contact area of the finger/contact? in other words if its low on the finger where the bevel was applied i bet its not in the critical contact area where it will contact its mating connector/contact.

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Gold finger burnishing | 5 June, 2021

Try Sandflex Blocks for polishing. These will polish but not scratch the gold.


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