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SOT-23 Package Markings

Dan Dickey


SOT-23 Package Markings | 26 December, 2000

I am in need in identifing these 2 components. I am new in the SMD world so bear with me. These are in a SOT-23 package. Need to idendify.

1\ C5D 2\ R2T 3\ R2X




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Re: SOT-23 Package Markings | 27 December, 2000

There are links to sites aimed at identifying electronic components in the fine SMTnet Archives.

Just out of curiosity, why do you have three part numbers for two parts?

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Re: SOT-23 Package Markings | 5 January, 2001

I use this reference to check on SOT's. See if it any good for you.

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