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Flux Vision



Flux Vision | 21 December, 2000

I've been asked to "heat up the oven profiles" to "burn off" the excessive flux so our vision equipment can inspect solder joints.

1. I am using Multicore SN 63 no clean solder paste.

2. We use CR Technology Vision Inspection.

Before I get too involved with this, I would like to know of any other experiences and results.

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Re: Flux Vision | 21 December, 2000

There must be a good reason for somebody to say that; I just can't think of one. We have a CRT and there is an issue with flux affecting the performance of the machine, but it is not terribly bad. Run your reflow profile the way it is supposed to run; if you want less flux remaining on the board, try a different paste. If you raise your profile temperatures, you may end up with other problems, and chances are that the flux will just appear scorched and further inhibit your CRT's ability to recognize the part.

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Re: Flux Vision | 22 December, 2000

Some random Ideas when I read you post...... 1) If it works don't fix it. 2) Be aware of the temp threshold of your components....Over heating components is not good. Over heating is not good period. 3) The Solder paste Chemistry you are using maybe running optimally, no guarantee "turning up the heat" will help with inspection. 4) **IMPORTANT** Why change your current process? This sounds bass ackwards to me, The vision system is there to prove the process, you don't want to change the process to prove the vision system. 5) remember solder joints with no-clean solder paste, typically have a different look to them. I would look further into your vision system (I am not to familiar with CR Technologies) if it uses 255 gray scale,it should be able inspect your current solder joints. cal

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