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Solder Ball Voltage Capacity

Lisa Murphy


Solder Ball Voltage Capacity | 19 December, 2000


I have recently been asked if I had any information on the voltage capacity of a solder ball. I asked around and did a web search but came up empty handed. Usually people are concerned with the current carrying capacity of bondwires, flip-chip bumps, or even solder balls. I have the current capacities for various bondwire diameters but the people who asked the question want to know about the voltage capacity. Can anyone help?


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Re: Solder Ball Voltage Capacity | 20 December, 2000

You're correct it's a goofy question. Voltage is going to be circuit dependent, since the ball will be connected to the board.

There's some ball dimensions in the fine SMTnet Archives ... they're about four times the diameter of your wires. If that could be any help ...

I'd check with Tessera []. They've probably heard all the wacky questions.

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