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EMPF Emfasis


EMPF Emfasis | 14 December, 2000

Probably all of us are seeking more and better information to help us do our jobs better. But ... * Oftimes trade journals are so busy with adverts that the technical message gets somewhat lost. * It�s tough to get the information from trade journals when we are interested in a particular topic, but it�s not in the current issue. * Events of the day over-take us, so that we end-up with piles of "intentions" to read and understand better that is gathering dust over in the corner. [Wait!!! Is that my "intentions" pile over there or is that the left-over Tasty Creams that I bought for winning the football pool?]

Is there any way out of this information rat race? Is there any way to bring sense and order to all of this? ... No, but I would like to recommend another source of information that is well done, is timely, has a minimum of adverts, and is delivered to your email box once a month. [Great Dave, just what I need something else in my email box.]

November 2000 empfasis -

* Alternate Pb-free Soldering Component Issues * Inert Reflow * AMPS [Affordable Microwave Packaging System] * EMPF Boot Camp <= This is excellent for bringing new and experienced but from out of the industry process and quality types up to speed * Non-Destructive Inspection Techniques * Tech Tips: Circuit Board Repair * Manufacturer's Corner: CyberOptics * Ask the EMPF Helpline * EMLC Course Schedule

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Re: EMPF Emfasis | 15 December, 2000

Great Dave !!!

What would we do without you ? I�ve never seen someone with that much broad knowledge in our field and the will to share it. Your Karma-point score must be one of the highest.

I want to thank you (I think in the name of all here) and wish you the best for the future.


PS: I�m glad that you survived your homemade surgery on your appendix. It was the wormlike tiny peace on the right, wasn�t it? If not, just another lesson learned.

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Re: EMPF Emfasis | 15 December, 2000

WOW!! I about coughed my false teeth when I read your posting. KUDOS to you Dave. You are right empfasis is great because it is a technical publication written by Engineers and Scientist for Engineers and Scientists.Since you opened this can of worms I am going the distance with it. ANYONE who would like to receive the empfasis via email please feel free to contact me at We here at ACI/empf are problem solvers for the industry no strings, no gimmicks just pure and raw data for industry use.With three manufacturing lines, full Chemistry lab, full materials lab staffed with 35 engineers and Scientists there isn't much we can't do. NEW to ACI/empf RF Characterization and materials Lab, Flat panel Displays, Semi conductors in Power Electronics and MEMS technology. Sorry for the sales pitch but this helps solidify our existence for over 15 years. and/or I tip my hat to you Dave, Thanks again

Cal Driscoll Equipment Advisory Board ACI/EMPF

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Re: EMPF Emfasis | 16 December, 2000

Now, that you have your chompers in place and the coffee cleaned from your screen, aren't you going to tell us about the research reports that EMPF produces that provide the information for those people that write some of the articles in our trade journals?

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Re: EMPF Emfasis | 16 December, 2000

And wouldn't you like SMTnet to link to that information? Let's make it happen Cal!

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Earl Moon


Re: EMPF Emfasis | 18 December, 2000

Possibly the single most important posting on this site - ever.

Earl Moon

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