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Feeder tape splice jams

Chris Newell


Feeder tape splice jams | 12 December, 2000

We run Siemens SiPlace SMT equipment. One of our biggest problems is feeder tape splices jamming our feeders. We use Siemens recommended method of splicing our feeder tapes together. This has been causing upwards of 10% lost time on some of our builds. Has anyone else seen this issue or does anyone have any ideas on how to solve the issue.

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Re: Feeder tape splice jams | 13 December, 2000

We have seen this problem, again using the methods recommended by Siemens. We tried different methods of splicing the tapes, but again the material was clogging in the feeders and especially in the cogs which grip and feed the tape. The only method we recommend is using NEW reels, Anyone from Siemens wish to comment!!


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Re: Feeder tape splice jams | 13 December, 2000

1)having the leader tape overlap and taped square is key. 2)making sure the Butt splice of the carrier tape is cut square and come together with no gaps 3) I would put a piece of yellow splice tape on the underside of the carrier tape to help hold them together. all that said, some companies mount the hand tool on a cart to give the operator an extra hand to work with. All in all, the only problems I have seen was with inproper splices. Cal

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Stefan Witte


Re: Feeder tape splice jams | 13 December, 2000

Apparently the adhesive tape peels off from the joint, which could have some reasons. 1. There should be an overlap of the cover tape, as Cal mentioned. The new cover tape laying over the old by approx. 2mm. I also peel the cover tape a bit off, which may even sacrifice the component in the first pocket. 2. Handle the adhesive tape with care. It you flip it from one finger to the other while aiming, you may loose some of the stickiness. Use a tweezer instead. 3. It is an all manual operation. You will find good and bad splices. The good once hold at least 90 % of the time and make splicing worth, compared to machine stop because of reel replacement. 4. If the adhesive tape keeps on sticking on the top roller of the two pinch rollers ( Schulz feeders ), the roll may have become sticky by itself. Clean the rollers with alcohol and try some teflon spray. When you are talking about Siemens recommendation, do you mean something in a manual? I have not seen anything in writing, how to handle the splicing tool.

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