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career change



career change | 8 December, 2000

Hi everyone!!

I have less than one year in the US, and I had been working as a field smt engineer. I have almost two years of experience as a manufacturing engineer, but what I really would like to do is process engineering. Can somebody advice me how to make this change and convince a company to hire me with no experience as a process engineer.

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Re: career change | 11 December, 2000

I sometimes get "fuzzy" on how different companies differentiate between the activities and responsibilities of various positions. [Read: I don't understand the difference between a manufacturing engineer and a process engineer]

Regardless, I'd get a bonafide job description of the postion I would like to have, I then would do comparison of that position with my current position [and skills]. If I didn't meet the skills of the desired position, I devise a plan to develop those skills. Sometimes really dopey managers give underqualified people a shot a new position if they show incentive to get themselves qualified.

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Michael Parker


Re: career change | 12 December, 2000

Dave - the most significant difference between the two titles (that I have experienced) is the location of assignment. Usually MFG. Eng.'s are responsible to a fixed set of equipment and are more concerned with how the product acts within the machines, whereas a Process Eng. has responsibility for the entire flow, lending support where needed. I do not see any difference in skills sets, just a difference in responsibilities.

Reg- If you follow Dave's logic one step further, you can by-pass the "developing the skills" and go directly to finding a "dopey" manager who will take a chance and give you the job. Just stay hooked into SMTnet and search for all of your answers here, you will need them. SMTnet is one of the best resources I have seen for OJT (On the Job Training).

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Re: career change | 13 December, 2000

One other piece would be to map of the hot spots in the US market. California, NE, SE, Chicago and Texas are hot spots for Electronics manufacuring. Target companies in these areas and hit them with resumes. Some areas are starved for manufacturing engineers.Good Manufacturing engineers know contributing engineering areas (i.e. Chemistry, Mechanical, materials, electronics, industrial) since all have significance. Participate with Industry associations (i.e. IPC). With the information you provided 2.5 years in SMT, your best bet is to hire on as an Machine Technician, and work your way up.I have been in SMT for +12 years and learn something knew every day. I do not know who you do field service work for, But large Equipment manufacturers have Field positions open all the time. Try Universal, Siemens, Fuji, Cyber Optics, BTU, Speedline as a field engineer and transition into Applications engineering. Haveing a "big boy" name behind you helps.

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