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New technology introduction process

Mike Zurn


New technology introduction process | 7 June, 1999

We are in the process of refining our process to introduce new and advanced technologies into our company and I was wondering what type of system your companies use. A few questions that you may consider include: 1. Do you have a separate group responsible for New Technology introduction? If so can I talk to the people responsible. 2. How does your company identify new or advanced technology? 3. How are new technologies used and/or integrated into your products? 4. Are technology roadmaps part of your process? 5. How is your new technology organization structured? 6. Is your R&D group part or the new technology process? 7. How do other departments (such as Manuf. Engr., Component Engr.) interface with the new technology group?

If you can be of some help and would be willing to talk about some more details feel free to respond. Thanks Mike Z.

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