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Fine Pitch

Charles Morehouse


Fine Pitch | 30 November, 2000

I am interested to know what people prefer for fine pitch packaging.

Tape/Reel or Waffle tray for .031", .025", .020", .015" pitch components?

What is the most robust packaging (i.e. fewer bent leads, etc.)


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Re: Fine Pitch | 30 November, 2000

Chuck, The smaller the pitch, the more package preferences will lean towards Trays. I would tape everything down to .025", maybe .020". With tape and reel you have fewer chances to place wrong polarity due to excessive part changes. Also part pick up is more reliable causing fewer re-feed parts. The damage to leads at these pitches is minimal if proper handling is in place.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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Re: Fine Pitch | 30 November, 2000

It's unlikely that anyone other than the biggest of whooses would think of 0.031" a fine pitch.

I prefer 0.025" on tape with solder plated copper leads make in a shape that bears-up well after being driven over by a Mack truck, yet is compliant enough to provide for reliable service.

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