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Begenner advise



Begenner advise | 30 November, 2000

I am electronic hobbyist, which has made a prototype for electronic lock. On showing this to a company they become greatly interested. All the Smt for the prototype were placed manually on the prototype. I would like to set up a line without any human intervention for the PCB. The maximum size of the PCB is 200mm by 200mm.The production expected is of 50000 assorted units. The board will contain 90 components. I would like some suggestions on where I can educate myself on the process. I would also appreciate a theoretical assembly setup. The budget for the MST line is of 80000 Euro.

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CC to myself


Re: Begenner advise | 30 November, 2000

Production of 50000, is this per year, per month, per week, what? As for your budget of 80000 Euro, that is no much to go on. For a basic SMT line, you need at least 1 paste printer, 1 placement machine and 1 reflow oven. If you have any through-hole components, you may have to add a wave solder machine. Just the placement machine will cost you new over U$100,000 not including the feeders.

As for teaching yourself SMT assembly, look for "The basics of surface mount technology" By Jim Blankenhorn and Charles L. Hutchins. Do a search on the web.

Good luck!

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Michael Parker


Re: Beginner advise | 30 November, 2000

Hello Reno- Rather than capitalize with expensive equipment and spend a lot of time teaching yourself the right way to process, have you considered finding a Contract Manufacturer to help you?

A good CM who specializes in New Product Introduction (NPI) and prototype runs could also educate you in the experience, which could save you money in the long run. If they have a strong engineering group they should be able to review your design and make suggestions for improvements so that automated processing is a reality. Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Testability (DFT) are important to help you get your product to market.

You did not mention where in the world you are located, if you can, then maybe others here can help you identify a good CM to approach to help you get started.

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Re: Beginner advise | 30 November, 2000

Mike is correctomundo!!! Focus on your skills => Design more products and get wealthy. Don't waste your time and energy in areas that others are accomplished.

A friend designs boards, sells $10M [what that is in euro, funny money, I don't know or care] of them a year, with a company of five [in-side sales, out-side sales, accounting, tech/fulfillment, design]. NO manufacturing!!!

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Re: Begenner advise | 30 November, 2000

Reno- I also agree. Education and Introduction to SMT are issues we deal with on a daily basis. We have Three level of automated assembly equpiment that we use for prototyping, training, production, and R&D. We can set you up in our facility to run your product as if it was your factory.You want to screen print, you can screen print. You want to Place components, you can place components. You want to reflow, you can reflow. You want to xray, you can xray.You get the Idea I am sure. We can also do the Contamination testing and enviromental testing. One stop shopping. We are located right next to the Philadelphia International Airport and have flights on USAIR to Europe often. No better learning than with hands on. I can also bet it will be much cheaper then buying a SMT line. If you have the burning need for your own SMT assembly line, we can put you in contact with all the major equipment manufacturers. For more information contact me Web site: Also,

Best regards, cal

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