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Aluminum wire bonding

Chuck Garth


Aluminum wire bonding | 17 March, 1999

We are presently aluminum wirebonding to gold plated lands. Our board manufacturer has been very inconsistient in the quality. It seems as though theey are over etched by about half the amount they should be. Can anyone give me the spec's that normal board manufactures are reqired to provide, we are requesting .008" lands with a .010 spacing it seems as though we are getting about .005" lands and .012 spacing what should the requirements be, is there a general spec to follow. any help would be appreciated.

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Aluminum wire bonding | 26 May, 2002

We buy PCBs for aluminium wire bonding. Our PCBs have 0.25 mm square pads for bonding and 0.10 or 0.15 mm gap between circuit traces/tracks. We do not have any problem. Our vendor gives 9 microns of Nickel and 0.03 microns of gold.

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