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TV Sound Transmitter

Highplanes Drifter


TV Sound Transmitter | 27 November, 2000

Hi Folks! First time poster to this forum. I would like to construct a small and inexpensive radio transmitter, which I can attach to some external port on my TV receiver, and which will transmit the sound component of the current audio/video display on the TV to receiving earphones worn by me. I don't want it to interrupt the broadcast transmission of the sound signal into the room. Does anyone know of plans for such a device or any impediment to it?

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Re: TV Sound Transmitter | 30 November, 2000

I know you can buy these devices. They are used by hearing impaired people. Not sure on price but I know you can purchase them. Not sure from who.

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Re: TV Sound Transmitter | 30 November, 2000

Something like this in kit form or assembled should be available out of Nuts and Volts Magazine from one of their advertisers.

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