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reflow profile



reflow profile | 24 November, 2000

Hello! All I am an almost smt biginner. I have a few questions

My question is 1. what will be changed to use lead free solder paste in a smt production line? 2. what is the reflow profile for lead free solder paste?

Don't just tell me to search thread or library. Thanks in advance!

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Chris May


Re: reflow profile | 24 November, 2000


Word on the street is that your profile will have to be hotter, maybe up to 20C hotter,

I have trialled lead free. The sales guy said, "Right, lets reprofile your oven !

I said, "No, lets try it as it is.....!

The results were fine, as the process stood, in my case.

The profile required will be documented on the technical data sheet supplied with the paste, along with the H & S data.



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Re: reflow profile | 4 December, 2000

Out of curiosity, what flavor lead-free paste were you using? That's also going to affect the profile.

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Michael Parker


Re: reflow profile | 4 December, 2000


I have always been partial to Wintergreen, but be sure to get it with the Tarter Control for cleaner apertures and baking soda for a brighter finish

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