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Looking for MRP/MES software.

Gary Dietrich


Looking for MRP/MES software. | 7 February, 1999

We are looking for MRP software suitable for contract assembly of circuit boards. Are there any surveys available that identify market share by different software companies for the electronics industry? What are most people using? Anybody using MANEX or VISUAL MANUFACTURING ?

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Jim Mitchell


Re: Looking for MRP/MES software. | 9 February, 1999

If you want a high end ERP system with some applications for the electronics industry, you may want to check out

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Re: Looking for MRP/MES software. | 10 February, 1999


I am also evaluating MRP/ERP systems. I have had many demos. I have looked at SAP R3, and actually used it at a previous employer, very complex system and a bit pricey. SAP is at , others I have looked at are Acacia Technologies- , Manufacturing Knowledge Group(Manman)(on the worldwide web 2) , and as Earl Moon suggested, Manex- . Earl you hit this one right on the head. Manex is what I am pushing for. It integrates with another software package called CircuitCam by Aegis Industrial Software Corporation - . CircuitCam integrates with Manex to provide not only an ERP system but excellent production control, with production being able to access and print-out color routings from BOM's with full graphical representation. It imports info directly from Gerber files or Pads. Pretty cool little package, and I am even impressed by the price. I recommend checking Manex and CircuitCam out.

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