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New SMTnet Site Changes

SMTnet Site C... - Feb 05, 1999 by

Clifford Peaslee @ SMTnet


New SMTnet Site Changes | 5 February, 1999

SMTnet Site Changes This weekend SMTnet will get a facelift. We have redesigned some of our serviecs, and have added new ones. Some of the new features are SMTnet Email, New Database Driven PCBCE Mart, New Directory Database With Enhanced Searching and Mini-Page, and a improved Registration System For SMTnet Accounts. These new changes to the site will allow you to have more control over your experience with SMTnet.Tomorrow, Sat Feb 5, at noon, EST, the site will be shut down while we upgrade the system. It should be done by 6:00pm that same day. Sunday we plan to iron out any wrinkles that may exist in the system, but it will be up for all to see and use. I encourage you to register yourself or your company when these new changes take place. Also, since we cannot possibly test every possible situation, we expect some problems, and we hope you will let us know so that we can quickly respond and make changes accordingly.

We will recommend that users register in order to post to the forum, but we will not require it for a period of 30 days, March 5, 1999.

Clifford Peaslee, Webmaster, SMTnet

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