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Amateur SM construction education

Bill Mooney


Amateur SM construction education | 17 January, 1999

I operate at the hobby/educational end of the SMT world. My little book on SM is however listed in many training centre libraries and I thought it may be useful for your readers who are starting out in SMT: The book is:

"A Practical Introduction to Surface Mount Devices" By Bill Mooney. Published By: Babani Electronics Books. ISBN 0 85934 411 8 120 pages with drawings. Price �4.95 in UK.

I have a hobby web page at:

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Cunli Jia @ SMTnet


Re: Amateur SM construction education | 18 January, 1999


I have e-mailed you on linking and publishing your articles in our Library. Please also register your organization in the Directory Database so that people can find you.



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