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Philips ACM feeder

Rob Kelley


Philips ACM feeder | 8 November, 2000

I have been earnestly seeking out a resource from whom I might purchase used Philips feeders for the ACM line. Due to its relatively recent introduction into the market, these are rather hard to find, and have not had much luck going through Philips. Can anyone recommend a route where this can be done?

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Paul Gerits


Re: Philips ACM feeder | 20 November, 2000

Dear Mr. Kelley,

You can contact the local Philips EMT organization or the head office in the Netherlands. We have pre-owned feeders in stock, if the ones you require are available you can request.

contacts: (region europe, pre-owned equipment) (region America's, Business manager ACM/FCM)

Kind regards,

Paul Gerits ACM Business Manager region Europe.

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