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Speel Chucker?

Jeff Sanchez


Speel Chucker? | 1 October, 1998

I know it's not your job to help the grammer impaired. But is there ever going to be a spell checker in the works for the forum? Just a hope for an already spoiled by YOU kind of guy. Thanks.......Jeff Sanchez P.S. It's ok if not, I tend to copy and paste from Word when I get that concerned about it.

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Cunli Jia @ SMTnet


Re: Speel Chucker? | 2 October, 1998


Frankly we have not thought about a spell checker. Thank you for being the first to suggest one. We will start looking into it but do not see it as a priority. Most seem to enjoy (or not mind) the casual nature of the Forum and have been using the language creatively.



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