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BGA rework



BGA rework | 31 October, 2000

I'm reworking BGA with a "SRT Summit 2000". This machine uses a nozzle of the same size of the BGA to conduct nitrogen to the top of the BGA. When I rework big PBGAs (318PBGA, 388PBGA) I've got shorts at the corners (100% of the times!). I think the problem is the design of the nozzle (mine is simply a short pipe with square cross section). Could anyone help me? (maybe someone using the same rework machine). Thank you.

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Re: BGA rework | 1 November, 2000

Massimo: Do you encounter or see warpage of the device or the PCB, I think I remember that there was a thread about this topic of shorts of the corner pins of BGA. You might try the archive.


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Re: BGA rework | 1 November, 2000

Thank you Wolfgang, I've found something usefull in the thread, even if unfortunately nobody talks about the design of the nozzle. About the warpage, I clearly see the warpage of the corners of the BGA. To avoid it I'll keep the temperture of the nitrogen flow as low as possible.

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