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Scott Cook


ICQ | 20 August, 1998

How about live scheduled chat via ICQ ( or other means)? Software is free for downloading. Guess volunteer host would be in order. Would not have to be topic specific necessarily.

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Energy Technology Systems


Re: ICQ | 21 August, 1998

| How about live scheduled chat via ICQ ( or other means)? Chat via ICQ may not be the best venue for more than a few users. We are looking into other means, including setting up a chat room on our site. We should have a prototype design within 2-3 weeks for some of you to test. Questions, though: 1. What are the times good for chat sessions? 2. What are some topics? 3. Is it important to have an industry expert present? If so, please e-mail us to recommend whom we should contact for this purpose. Thanks, Cunli

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Re: ICQ | 26 September, 1998

| | How about live scheduled chat via ICQ ( or other means)?

| Cunli I think it sounds good to have a chat. But one thing I like about the forum is that we are all forced to respond by way of posting . That means that when I come on at night I can see the Q&A's of the day. If we have chat availible then that might affect my ability to do that. On the grounds that every one would chat the day away asking questions and getting awnsers then leaving no trail of goods for those who weren't there. On the other hand , If you have it scheduled with a special topic and posted the chat for veiwing that would be way cool! Then guys like me can come on and see the dialog at our leisure. It would be a great way to get instant input on pressing matters as well. As it is I have to hit the refresh button just to see if some one is on and posting at the same time I am. I love your site and the perpetual info it brings.....many thanks, Jeff Sanchez P.S a spell checker on the forum would be a great thing!

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