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Tooling Plate



Tooling Plate | 26 October, 2000

I am looking for tooling plate manufactures. I am kind of new to the SMT process, well as far as tooling goes, and I am trying to find a machinist to make tooling plates for Fuji and Siemens placement machines. Does anyone have any recommendation for a qualified person or persons to handle me request? Right now we use support pins and I am looking for alternative methods.

Thanks, Chris

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Re: Tooling Plate | 27 October, 2000

We are very happy with Datum Dynamics (, good qualitiy and rapid turn around. They do our tooling plates, reflow pallets, selective wave pallets for a large number of varied customers.

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Re: Tooling Plate | 30 October, 2000

We also use Datum Dynamics, I believe DEK are also in the market now for various tooling fixtures.


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Re: Tooling Plate | 30 October, 2000

try EMC in Pennsylvania.

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Re: Tooling Plate | 30 October, 2000

Why would you want to buy Tooling Fixtures for all of your boards if you only plan on using them for the placement machines. I would think the extra cost, increased timeframe, and trouble of converting all current product would be a deterant. Have you looked into alternatives to tooling pins. Foam is a cheap alternative that reduces the risk of bottomside part damage.

You can find alot of info in the archives on this one. I am not sure what to search under but "support" is a good place to start.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!

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Re: Tooling Plate | 30 October, 2000

Try Spec-Elite out of California. They have done excellent work for me in the past.

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Scott K.


Re: Tooling Plate | 2 November, 2000

Try for molded support plates, or machined support plates for printers and placement machines.

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