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Ben Salisbury


USED FUJI MCS-30 | 23 July, 1998

Currently, I'm looking for prices of USED AND FUNCTIONAL Fuji MCS-30's If you've got any on hand Drop me a line with the price...VENDOR's...This is only for informational purposes, I'm just trying to see if it's worth repairing our 16F. -Ben 509-928-8000 x5407

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Cunli Jia @ SMTnet


Re: USED FUJI MCS-30 | 23 July, 1998

Ben, Thought your message should have been posted to the PCBCE Mart but it does belong to here for now. We have been trying to build up the Blue Book to help answer exactly your question but so far progress there has been slow. If you get any information please post it into the Blue Book. Remember you do do have to put in any information about the buyer or seller other than their geographical region. For those who do not know the Blue Book yet, it is a collection of used equipment sales transactions. Below is the link to PCBCE Mart, of which the Blue Book is a part. Thank you. Cunli

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