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How long for NPI?



How long for NPI? | 21 July, 1998

I have some general questions about new product introduction: 1. How much capacity on the average is committed (line shifts) are committed by your factory to NPI? ie. We commit one line on 8 hour shift per day to NPI. 2. How many NPI's would you commit to do or would you do per day? Assume an average board with about 200 to 300 parts (no funky parts, no less than 20 mil pitch on a limited number of devices, single sided, may be small number say <20 through hole parts). 3. How many total hours on the average are committed to engineering effort related to NPI (fixture design and ordering, stencil ordering, program and shop aid development, BOM's, prove in time on the floor, etc.)? Assume 15 to 20 new parts must have part description files developed. Assume all raw data and parts are available. We are trying to figure out whether we are normal or not in requesting an average of 100 hours to complete these kind of tasks.

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Glad to help | 22 July, 1998

1. One line/shift 2.One NPI per shift 3. 75 to 125 hours depending on complexity, includes MRP prep, doc. prep and prove-in

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