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Spare Placement Cad Files...

Steve Gregory


Spare Placement Cad Files... | 17 July, 1998

Yeeeeeeeee-Haw! It's FRIDAY!!! that offa' my chest...feel better now..hehehe Is everyone hot enough yet? I think all my volatiles have been driven off, I'm preheated pretty good, so I'm jes' about ready to reflow.....whew! Anyways, I didn't come to talk about the weather What my message is about, is I have a kinda' weird request. Do any of ya'll have any spare placement CAD files sitting around not doing anything? I'd like to get a few different boards say a motherboard, a graphics card, or some other "typical" assemblies that you see coming in a contract house. What I'm doing is just simulating a days worth of production to get a idea of what kind of through put I would get from one line counting change-over and what have you. I have some software called HLC with my Zevatech line which can do simulations on the placement for the line and give me tact times...I'll factor in the change-over times. You can do whatever you have to do to make them "un-propietary" if you're worried about it...I ain't trying to steal anything from anybody. I suppose I could sit down and punch in some X,Y's and make-up something, but I figured I might ask ya'll to see if you could email me some REAL ones. I'd 'preciate it! My email is Thanks in advance!!! -Steve Gregory-

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