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#15090 Weirdness Question | 10 July, 1998

Most of you guys probably wish TH would just go away. Maybe for some of you it has. We have some older but very successful WAN controller boards using TH parts so we get to use automated equipment for this. We have an Amistar CI-3000 inserter that sometimes will refuse to insert two pin parts. In our applications, a cap will travel through the chute and through the sensor at the bottom, be loaded into the shuttle, but nothing will happen. Nada. Zip. An error message will appear saying there is no part. To temporarily solve this, it seems that one can clean around the shuttle cam and the anvil/cap receiver and the machine might get going again. There does not appear to be a problem with the sensor on the chute and the systems controller was replaced in September. Sometimes all that I can do to get it running is to clean it, shut it off, reload the program, and pray. Is there a better way? BTW: if there's something I can buy to solve this problem, it would not come out of my paycheck.

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