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Wave solder Carrier (WSC)



Wave solder Carrier (WSC) | 25 October, 2000


A question regarding design rules of a WSC.We are currently running a high volume product, and as usual the design layout is as such where half the through hole connectors are perpendicular to the wave, and surprise,surpise the other half are'nt, the split is about 50/50.Our current carrier design is just a box standard two-up,open aperture carrier. Is there anything I implement when designing a new carrier ( ie different angles for the apertures ) for this product that will help me eradicate or minimise the problems with shorts on the the connectors that are not perpendicular to the wave ? or is there anything else I should be looking in the process to help me minimise this defect and give me a larger process window ? the product is water-soluble.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Wave solder Carrier (WSC) | 25 October, 2000


Ha yes the joy that is wave soldering, and don't we love customers that forget the simple little things like putting connectors in the right way! It's a common thing and one way to get round it is to angle the cards towards the wave, typicaly an angle of between 15 and 45 degrees gives you the best results. Best thing to do it set yourself up a jig that allow's you to rotate the card towards the wave and run some tests. I'm ure this is in the archives already tho'


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