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Low Price Thermal profiler

Claudio Carnevali


Low Price Thermal profiler | 29 June, 1998

We are an italian electronic company and we assembly th & smd (http:\\\egs). We know that you need a thermal profiler but without sopending a fortune. We made TOM300 and easy & powerful profiler that you can buy at about 1,600 USD complete with its W95 software and 4 probes. If you're interested in buying it or to be a distributor don't hesitate to write me. Thank you.

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John Weller


Re: Low Price Thermal profiler | 6 July, 1998

I'm very interested in. There are not a lot of good thermal profiler with a little price. Please send me info about because I'm very interested to sell it in my country. Best RGRDs

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