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Capacitor Wave Soldering Woes

Brian Conner


Capacitor Wave Soldering Woes | 23 June, 1998

I am experiencing a wave-soldering problem with a leaded capacitor - too much solder above the board!! The capacitor lead is .020" dia. and the hole size is .038". This only occurs on the negative lead of the component. The capacitor is also axial-inserted. The solder wets up over the bend radius and remains too close to the body of the component - within one lead diameter. It resembles a "cocoon" as most of the solder will go back down the hole. Does anyone have any ideas of what the root cause could be? The boards are fairly large and is heavily populated with SMT and leaded components. The board thickness is .063" and the topside preheat is 200-210 F. This is not isolated to one board, rather, it encompasses quite a few boards of varying sizes. I figure if I can get to the root cause on this board that I might be able to take care of the rest of the boards. Thanks in advance

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