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HASL alternatives

mike weekes


HASL alternatives | 18 October, 2000

we're considering PWB finishes other than HASL - the uneven plating contributed to defects and the residues exceed our goal for PWB cleanliness. What success have any of you had with CuOSP, Immersion Silver, Gold or other finishes? Did you have to overcome handling or storage challenges with the replacement finishes? How did you convince yourself you maintained reliability? Has anyone tried White Tin? it seems to be growing in promotion.

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Re: HASL alternatives | 23 October, 2000

If you're looking for PWB cleanliness , please consider one surface treatment other than HAL (i.e HRF-heat resist flux). HRF is a very inexpensive and effective process that your board manufacturer can provide you to meet your requirement.

For gold plating other finish , the solderbality is good , but it is not a very cost effective solution , tin plating is good as well but not as good in conductivity as gold plating.

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Re: HASL alternatives | 24 October, 2000

Consider the SMTnet Archives, also Merix has posted a paper on this topic

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mike weekes


Re: HASL alternatives | 25 October, 2000

thanks, Dave.

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Re: HASL alternatives | 26 October, 2000

We currently use a tool that we have developed and sell that can provide real time feed back on OSP coatings. With OSP it is a case by case basis on how many times you can reflow or apply heat before it becomes detrimental. Also, Depending on your process is SIPAD an option? For more info on SIPAD can be found at Cal

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