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TCP solder / desolder / rework

Wolfgang Hantz


TCP solder / desolder / rework | 5 June, 1998

We offer an upgrade service for notebooks with 486 SX/DX CPUs up to 586-133 MHz using the AMD 5x86-133 MHz CPU in the PQFP package. We are pretty succesful with this service and until today we did more than 1000 notebook upgrades this way. Now, - the next generation of CPU Upgrades for notebooks will be more difficult. The Intel Pentium CPUs used in notebooks are in a higher desity TCP package, that requires higher skills and better tools. Unfortunally, Intels Web-Site doesn�t name any manufacturer for the necessary tools. Who could help me with Know-How, tools, materail a.s.o. ? Thank you ! HANTZ + PARTNER GMBH Wolfgang Hantz

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