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Dover Soltec Maxi 6522C


Dover Soltec Maxi 6522C | 17 October, 2000

I am looking at geting a used wave solder machine the one I have been looking at is a Dover Soltec Maxi 6522C with drum spray fluxer, Combi wave, and Nitrogen. If anyone has anything good or bad to say about this wave I would like to know


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Re: Dover Soltec Maxi 6522C | 17 October, 2000

We have this same model and are very disappointed with it. It has several issues that we do not like: 1. The solder feeder has never worked properly. 2. The fingers are very soft material and bend easily. 3. There is no way within the machine to adjust for different lead clearences 4. The chipwave portion uses pressure to created the wave and we are constantly having issues with the chipwave clogging. 5. The daily PM on this machine is very intense and requires a lot of labor to maintain.

I would strongly reccomend against this particular machine. We also have an Electrovert that does not have any major issues. We may be spoiled by this machine.

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