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DEK FormFlex



DEK FormFlex | 15 October, 2000

Does anyone out there use the DEK FormFlex? I am looking to find out the advantages/disadvantages of using it. Also, are there any problems that you have come across with the FormFlex (pin sticking)? Does the FormFlex reduce setup time drastically? Can the pins cause damage when building double sided products?

Any info. on the FormFlex is greatly appreciated (are there any studies out there that have been done on the FormFlex?)


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Re: DEK FormFlex | 25 October, 2000

We currently have the first version of formflex and had nothing but problems with the pins sticking. Dek now has a new version which is supposed to have eliminated the sticky pin problem. These will be replacing the first generation formflex. Until we receive it I won't be able to tell you if it decreases setup time. If it works like it supposed to it should decrease setup time dramatically over the old way of using the manuflex.

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Re: DEK FormFlex | 29 December, 2000

How's the form flex working? I'll looking at the DEK line of printers and the ablility to eliminate machined tooling plates. This sticky pin thing worries me????


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