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Just do it but do it right

Earl Moon


Just do it but do it right | 30 April, 1998

To our dearest Cunli (maybe not dearest to us all), You have provided us with a vehicle to do SMT and PCB's right the first time, on time, every time, at the lowest cost while meeting customer quality and reliability requirements we say is necessary for every customer on the planet. Congratulations. The only problem is: You are doing it the same way every other schmuck on the internet is doing it. Enough!!! You must, as our leader and provider, unite us (Justin, Jon, Steve, Scott, Mary, Elizabeth, Deborah, Earl?, Vincenzo, and all us other pirates) to ensure progress is made more actively, effectively, and positively. You must begin an exiting, unique, new era establishing a forum providing timely, concurrent information useful to us all. Knowing how you think (not about money or?), this must be an interactive forum ensuring only the best, often most outlandish ideas are published. Cunli (that is your real name?), we want to parade our stuff. We are students forever. We are tired of those who think there are secrets concerning any type technology. We won't stand for it anymore as simple workers employed by our technical masters. Let's do something different. Let's do something different than those in IPC or those on the fabnet forum that is run only by those in control of money. Let's advance the technology we are dedicated to and the technology you are presenting. You have the finest minds in the industry on this site. Use use to further you profits and ours. We, as a forum have all the answers, and they are as free as we profess to be. Did I sign my name to this? What the hell, Earl Moon

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Wayne Bracy


Re: Just do it but do it right | 30 April, 1998

and maybe input a method that requires an email address with all negative responses Wayne

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