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QFP208-Leads for MCM-L?

Matthias Mansfeld


QFP208-Leads for MCM-L? | 17 April, 1998

I plan to design a multichip module which contains 1 chip with about 200 pads and 2 chips with about 50 pads, no other components.The whole module shall replace as intermediate solution a single chip CPU in QFP208. Thus, the MCM itself must have the outline of a QFP208, too. For cost reasons, it will probably be a MCM-L, a thin multilayer on FR5 material. The chips will be wedge-wedge Al wire bonded, then globe top. It is planned to produce 2000 modules in lots of about 100. Does anybody know a low cost solution for getting the fine pitch pins around this MCM? That means, no customer specific lead frames etc. The only _medium_ cost solution I found were the solder and flux bearing leads series CG33AA from NAS Interplex, which would have tool costs of about $ 8000 + material. Does anybody have experiences with these parts or know any other solutions / suppliers? A BGA solution instead of QFP is not desired. The reason why this MCM should be equivalent to a QFP208 is, it must for prototyping temporarily replace a single chip CPU in a QFP which is available end of 1998 at the earliest. Many thanx in advance Matthias Mansfeld

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