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Discrete, SMT, chip device cracking

Earl Moon


Discrete, SMT, chip device cracking | 26 March, 1998

In December and January (1997 & 1998) a number of people requested information regarding component cracking. I overlooked this until recently thinking design and process requirements were violated. After reviewing the last 14 months consulting efforts with various clients about "solderability" issues, I have determined an increase of cracking at the end cap terminations (except EMI filters with 3 termination areas) occured possibly without explanation. Many problems were caused because of design rule violations. Others were caused by excessive thermal excursions effected during soldering and rework operations. My question is whether this phenomomon is increasing as a function of "normal" soldering operations. Do problems exist that were supposed to be resolved many years ago? I would like to hear from those, again, seemingly having these problems and under what conditions with which device types and suppliers. My thanks, Earl Moon - Proof Of Design

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