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Bromine Dija Know


Bromine Dija Know | 9 October, 2000

I don't get the no-lead thing, but it's good marketing so, whose to fight it? Yano?

If I didn't get the no-lead thing, I'm double clueless about bromine. That is until I read a recent (8/00) article in PCFAB magazine.

I away thought of bromine as kinda nice: * Not real toxic * Used in water treatment plants to control algae and whatnot. * Wacks ya real fast before the root canal. * Fire retardency additive to make G-10 into FR-4 and all that.

I just didn't get why the skirts at WEEE want to ban the stuff. Bromine seemed likeone of the good guys. Well here's scoop. The brominated flame retardant incineration, in boards like FR-4, produces toxins: polybrominated biphenyl ether (PBBE) polybrominated biphenyl oxide (PBBO)

Wild, eh?

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Re: Bromine Dija Know | 10 October, 2000

Yano by now dat I don't get da no-lead ting eder.

Neder do some oder guys.

Check out da editorial in October's issue of Circuit Assembly. A small gimmer of hope in an otherwise irrational world.


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