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Help!!!! Degreaser Trouble

Justin Medernach


Help!!!! Degreaser Trouble | 27 February, 1998

Anybody, I am really up the creek. I run an RMA process for a lot of my product so I'm dependent on a degreaser. The degreaser we have is a Delta Sonics DS10R. This model is no longer supported by Delta Sonics as they were bought by Branson (spelling?) and are dedicated to the aqueous cleaning process (I really miss working on one of those). I need a wiring diagram for my particular machine. If anybody out there is running this machine or knows of someone with the machine, please forward me their information so I may call them and try to obtain the appropriate schematics. I am going to try used equipment distributors myself but please help me if you own one of these dinosaurs. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Justin Medernach 978 392 3200

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