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Placing 160 Pin QFP on Fuji HP machine?

Eric Cox


Placing 160 Pin QFP on Fuji HP machine? | 16 February, 1998

Hi All! Has anyone out there had any success using a Fuji HP machine to place a 160-Pin PQFP part? The part is 28 mm square, with 1.6mm long pins. Whenever our HP tries to place the part, it get an Image procs error. Our supplier says that the machine wasn't originally designed to support parts this big, but one of his techs got it to work by having the machine "look at the part twice". Not exactly sure what that is supposed to mean. :( Any suggestions appreciated! Eric Cox - Needham's Electronics

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Steve Gregory


Re: Placing 160 Pin QFP on Fuji HP machine? | 25 February, 1998

Eric, You've got a Fuji FHP? WOW! It still runs even! That was the first fine pitch machine I ever worked with, along with the FEP's and CP-2's. Unless Fuji has changed the machine software, I don't know what he may be talking about. They could have developed something that looks at the part in sections. That's how we do it on our latest machine (Zevatech 760) for long surface mount connectors, it looks at one end, then the head moves to look at the other end...we can take up to three shots at a part if it's too big see within the the camera field of view. Back when we started placing 160-pin QFP's with our FHP, it was a BEAR! The machine can do it, BUT the pick-up has to BE DEAD NUTS CENTER! Your tray data has to be on the money too. The part is just on the ragged edge of being too big for the camera, and if it isn't picked accurately, it'll not pass vision. -Steve Gregory-

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