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BGA assemble

Sergio Vito


BGA assemble | 5 October, 2000

We are starting to assemble an BGA-225. To assembly only 20 prototype (1 BGA per PCB) is it necessaray buy equipaments for inspection? Like x-ray? Can someone sugest especial carefull to assembly this CI?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: BGA assemble | 6 October, 2000

BGA's are not difficult, but should be inspected no matter how careful you are. Here we have been doing bga's forever and x-ray 100%. Without an x-ray there is no good way to ensure the BGA is placed properly, without bridging or insufficients. If you are just starting out and learning to do bga's, there are several companies that do x-rays for you, it might be a good idea to contract out for this service.

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Re: BGA assemble | 10 October, 2000


Jacko is right!BGA ispection equipment like Xrays are extream expensive if you want a good system. There is some xrays that you can have low cost but if you are planning to do superBGA�s or want better image you need atleast 80-100Kv with good resolution.

There is also systems like Ersascope but with that you only see solderbumps not voids.

BGA assemply is easier than QFP I think cause BGA is pulling itr self in right position.

Also you should think about paste what you are using. Is it NC,RMA,WS paste.If you are using WS paste you also might want to check if your paste is 100% water Soluble.If they have Rosin in it it is not 100% Water Soluble!You can do Extract Ionic Residue test.

NC No problem only thing that you should check that is flux active after reflow.

With RMA you have to clean board with Chemicals and that is expensive.

I wish you luck with your BGA.


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Cliff Bockard


BGA assemble | 30 January, 2001

ERSASCOPE Inspection System 3000

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