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Manufacturing Software Recommendations

George Henning


Manufacturing Software Recommendations | 11 January, 1998

We are a small firm currently examining a new system for our manufacturing operations. We do small volume, batch flow as an OEM and under contract. The company also performs PWB layout and engineering services. Ideally the system should be able to do BOMs, ECOs, EDI, shop floor execution/tracking, MRP, capacity planning, and integrate with or incorporate accounting tools. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated.

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Dan Lambert


Re: Manufacturing Software Recommendations | 13 January, 1998

George, We are more in the assembly programming and documentation side of manufacturing, but we deal with many Contract Assemblers and a popular software package for your needs is Manex. I wish I knew more about it. Maybe someone else can help out. Dan

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Barry Hill


Re: Manufacturing Software Recommendations | 10 March, 1998

We are currently using a product made by Syspro called Impact Encore. Although we have had misc. problems here and there in general it is a fully featured product at a reasonable price. It is worth checking out.

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