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smt component id

john martin


smt component id | 7 December, 1997

part of my job is to id and source electronic components. i have an ongoing problem iding smt devices w/mfr codes in place of actual part numbers does a cross ref guide exist that will enable me to id a smt transistor(eg)by the marking codes on the device. some are easy to id. others have mfr 2 or 3 digit codes same holds for many smt devices. need help ! thanks

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Cunli Jia


Re: smt component id | 8 December, 1997

Please check the Chip Directory. Link to it is available from the bottom of the SMTnet home page, under Other Sites. Good luck, Cunli

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Ben Salisbury


Re: smt component id | 11 December, 1997

Another good source I've come to use quite often is the search engine from National Semi-Conductor. The link to the page is down below. If you ever run into a situation where you only know the company of manufacture for the chip, go to their web site, most will have a comprehensive list of every component they keep in stock w/PDF files for finding out specific characteristics of the components. Good Luck -Ben

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Tonya Warner


Re: smt component id | 13 January, 1998

It is also my job to ID and cross components. I have found that the same number can be used by different manufacturers for different parts, same package style. There is not a standard marking system for SMT devices so watch out for this.

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