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DFM checklist



DFM checklist | 8 August, 2001


I 'm in progress of generating the DFM checklist for New Product Introduction on PCA. I need some reference articles to prepare it apart from IPC-SM-782 (surface mont design and land pattern standard)that I'm using now.

Any idea of extracting it from Web?

thanks in advance !


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DFM checklist | 8 August, 2001

First, not that it�s bad, but SM-782, the land pattern standard is a pretty far distance from a DFM check list. Now, if you�d said D-275 er more properly 222X, ama be twitchin� less.

Second, your process should include two distinct elements: 1 Database verification: All parts, footprints and mechanical symbols that are verified to manufacturer's specification documents before being approved and submitted to the specific libraries. 2 Design checklist: All designs are required to go through a complete design checklist covering all mechanical drawing, placement, routing, testability and manufacturability issues of your design. This ensures quality, efficiency and consistency in all completed projects.

Third, consider starting with the fine SMTnet Archives. You�ll find over 160 postings on DFE/CE [whatever] there.

Forth, other sources are: �SMT High Density Design & DFM� James C. Blankenhorn, SMTPlus [], June 2001 ISBN 1-882812-03-4

Fifth, some manufacturing sites use Valor (DFM/DFA tool) to evaluate the manufacturability of designs.

Finally, most successful DFM/CE process development efforts require careful attention and support from top management.

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