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Delete Should Delete


Delete Should Delete | 8 August, 2001

In email, DELETE sends IN-BOX messages to the TRASH. MOVE [to] TRASH also sends messages to TRASH. Sometimes, DELETE sends TRASH messages to the GREAT BEYOND. Other times, it gives ...



We're sorry. You have encountered a temporary error. Please hit the "Back" button on your browser, and try your request again. An email has already been sent to the site administrator with the details of the error. However, if the problems persist, please contact the site administrator.

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Delete Should Delete | 9 August, 2001

Your right Dave. The system is set up correctly but sometimes there is a problem deleting messages with attachments. This problem was exacerbated by the scam32 virus. We set up Norton AntiVirus to quarantine these attachments and when you try to delete a message that made it through you'll get an error because the attachment isn't there to be deleted with the message.

There are a few other issues with webemail right now but they will be resolved soon. We just upgraded to cold fusion 5.0 yesterday and the mail handling capablities should be improved. A overhaul of the system, to take advantage of those improvements and handle errors more gracefully, is in the works.


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