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SMT Classes



SMT Classes | 21 August, 2001

I have a need to send some Engineers to intro SMT classes. I have found two avenues: 1)ACI (which is to high level!) 2)Cookson CPS which is more in line with intro to SMT process.

Are there other that are on re-occurring timelines?

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SMT Classes | 21 August, 2001

You may want to also look at , and maybe even I hope this helps!

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SMT Classes | 21 August, 2001

Process Sciences offers a two day intensive course on SMT processes. It is taught by senior process engineers, and has been quite successful in serving the electronics industry on a number of levels.

We conduct this course at different locations around the country. Below is the schedule for the remainder of 2001. Please let me know if you would like for me to send you a course description.

Boston, MA - October 15-16 Phoenix, AZ - October 18-19 Austin, TX - November 5-6 Seattle, WA - November 8-9

Thanks, Philip Prud'homme Process Sciences, Inc. 512-259-7070 phone

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SMT Classes | 21 August, 2001

Hmmmm To high level?..........please tell me more.

Caldon W. Driscoll ACI USA 610-362-1200

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Elfego Sanchez


SMT Classes | 25 August, 2001

Cal: Could you contac me, Thanks!

Elfego Sanchez Delphi-Delco Electronics SMT Comp Leader (956) 98 7271

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SMT Classes | 30 August, 2001

Send them to the SMTA - they have classes and courses for all levels. There is one in Boston at the end of next month. They have one at a different location every 3 or 4 months...

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SMT Classes | 31 August, 2001

Has anyone heard of the quality of the electronics classes through the EMPF (i.e. American Competitiveness Institute, Navy 'Mantech' program)?

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SMT Classes | 4 September, 2001

I have input about EMPF but my opion is biased.

One thing I can tell you that is a fact- the classes are 40% theory and 60% "hands-on". The 60% "hands-on" utilized the latest in manufacturing equipment. No hotel conference room, training is done right on the manufacturing floor at the machines. There are three lines for low, mid, and high end manufacturing.

Cal Driscoll ACI- EMPF 610-362-1200

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SMT Classes | 4 September, 2001

The best place for SMT courses are those being presented at SMTA International. We offer everything from entry level to the most advanced technologies. All info can be found at The industry's best source of technical information.

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