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Applying past with CamAlot



Applying past with CamAlot | 22 August, 2001

Would like to hear the pro and cons of using a machine like CamAlot 3800 to apply past to PCB. What has been to your experiences?

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Applying past with CamAlot | 22 August, 2001

I used a CamAlot 5000 to apply conductive epoxy on an aluminum substrate about 4 years ago. I used the largest diameter nozzle CamAlot had, and I bumped the dispense and dwell times way up. It was the slowest stage in the process, but it worked out okay.

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Applying past with CamAlot | 23 August, 2001

We don't use the machine you suggest, but dispensing paste in front of a placer is a very powerful set-up for some production environments. Check the fine SMTnet Archives for a comparison between dispensing and printing paste.

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Sean D


Applying past with CamAlot | 27 August, 2001

Hello Everyone,

This is the core application for the 3800. I have a number of customers with these systems that are extremely happy with them in my territory. If you contact your local Speedline-Camalot Representative, they should be able to get you in touch with other 3800 owners in your area. In some cases, as long as you are not a competitor, other 3800 owners may allow you to visit their facility, see the system in operation and discuss their experiences.

Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance determining who your local representative may be.

Best Regards, Sean 480-829-8170 ext. 14

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Applying past with CamAlot | 27 August, 2001

Why do you want to apply paste by dispensing ? Have you given up all the solutions for your solder paste printing?

The cost effective way of using your Cam/Alot is to dispense adhesive. And use your Stencil Printer to apply solder paste. That's what they were designed for. There's a new solder paste dispensing method that's being developed and it's called micro dispensing technology, get your equipment supplier and ask them if they already got the Dispense Nozzle / Needle for your Cam/Alot.


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Applying past with CamAlot | 27 August, 2001

Used an older model of the one you described. Have used Asymtech and Fuji's as well. The Camalot is accurate, reliable, and easy to program. The only things I disliked about it was that is was slower than the fuji's, and if the pressures weren't set just right, the solder had a tendency to compress, heat-up, and create a solder-ball clog in the nozzle. Still think it's a good by for the money.

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