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X-Ray Analysis service ???

Stuart Adams


X-Ray Analysis service ??? | 29 September, 2000

Can someone recommend a company that will X-Ray my boards and provide some analysis of the results ??

I just got a lot of assembled boards back with a large number of bad boards (after several sucessful runs by this assembly house) I am trying to figure out what went wrong.

The boards have overlapping BGAs on both sides.

Thanks, Stuart

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Re: X-Ray Analysis service ??? | 29 September, 2000

Two things: 1 Why isn't your assembly house correcting this problem? 2 Check the archives

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Re: X-Ray Analysis service ??? | 1 October, 2000

Maybe best thing is if you rent x-ray machine until that problem is locate. When your process is working then you don't need x-ray machine. Then you must keep every phase of process working.

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Re: X-Ray Analysis service ??? | 4 October, 2000

We are problem solvers for electronics industry and have analytical, Xray and SEM (Plus others) capabilities to help with BGAs. We can also use a scope to look under the component itself. All this and a report is possilbe on our side. Please contact me for more information.

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