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MONSTER board equipment...



MONSTER board equipment... | 24 August, 2001

Happy Friday All!

Well, it seems another "opportunity" has presented itself to me. Looking to assemble a 24" X 24", 52-layer board... piece-o-cake, right?

Not real sure of all the components that are on it, but I do know that there is some 20-mil pitch stuff...

I've been asked to investigate what it would take equipment-wise, and dollar-wise for us to do this.

Printing, I know of Surface Mount Techniques that have large board printing capability. Pick and place, I know that Mydata can place monsters such as these...

Reflow has me a bit stumped...I've heard that Heller ovens have throats big enough to swallow something like this, but when I checked some spec's on their web page, they say their oven can handle 23.5" boards. I also looked into Vapor phase reflow units, and R & D Technical Services (formerly Centech) has a unit called a RD3 that has 24" X 24" process chambers...thinking about it, vapor phase may be the way to go with this's around .390" thick!

I've got a Electrovert MCS-1000 batch cleaner, so it'll be able to clean this thing...won't need wave solder, so that's one blessing...

Just asking if there's any other vendors of equipment that can handle boards this size other than the ones I've listed.

Sure would like to find some used stuff because the equipment that we get would only be used on this beast. The quantities aren't that high at all...


P.S. This is related to that little 2" X 2" ceramic substrated SMT assembly I was asking about a few days ago...

-Steve Gregory-

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MONSTER board equipment... | 27 August, 2001

I wonder what kind of equipment the board designer had in mind? Are you shure you can do the board with a Mydata ? Where do you put the tray for your 20 mil QFP's? 10 mm thick plus component height also appears to be a problem. Multitroniks can do large boards, but again I am wondering, how the boards can be clamped onto the conveyor. I had to modify Siemens machines a few times to do 24 X 22 boards, but the boards where not as thick as yours.

Even manual placement is not easy. How long is the arm of your microscope? Good luck, Stefan

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MONSTER board equipment... | 27 August, 2001

On the equipment: * Placers: Look at MIMOT and Europlacer as other possibilities * Printers: Elite may be able to to the job * Oven: Maybe RI?

Alternatives: * I understand for contractors: (1) Giving-up a job is distasteful (2) Success with new customers and new challenges presents opportunities for additional work (3) Subcontracting is akin to root canal ... Consider contracting-out this work to a firm with the capabilities. I'd look for firms within a 100 mile radius of Cray Commputer, since Cray [and many of the other super computer manufacturers] used beaucoupe boards like you describe. * Some machines will place components on large boards positioned either: (1) on top of the conveyor or (2) on the bed by opening the conveyor. Of course this is requires positioning and removing the board by hand. Hey if it aint ugly, where's the fun?

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Sean D


MONSTER board equipment... | 27 August, 2001

Hello Everyone,

The MPM UP 3000 may be a good bet for your Screenprinting application and I am aware that there are a few in inventory at Speedline Technologies (MPM) that you should be able to get with a warranty for a good price. I know wide versions for the conveyors were done by Simplimatic Automation for a number of big board projects in 1999. Do you know how heavy your overall product will be? That may require a different belt style (like a timing belt) for the conveyors if you start climbing above a couple of pounds. Genrad (SRT) should be able to accomodate your rework systems and may have some inventory. As for ovens, you may have a hard time finding a used or available model with pin chain conveyor for that width, can the board run on the mesh conveyor or does it have to be handled by the edge during reflow (ie. bottom side components)? Depending on your location I can have the appropriate Siemens Application Engineer contact you to determine Pick and Place capability with your product. They are also offering factory refurbished and warranteed systems that may prove more cost effective for your application while less risky than generic used equipment. With the criticality of your Pick & Place application I would recommend getting online with apps to confirm your options, then you can examine the used market. Your main concern with used equipment will be the software licensing and support which are critical in these kinds of specialized applications. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards, Sean 480-829-8170 ext. 14

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MONSTER board equipment... | 14 September, 2001

MYDATA has machines that can be configured to 34" X 44" X .500". This has been the largest request to date. If you need references or would like to see these operations please contact me.

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MONSTER board equipment... | 26 September, 2001

Printer: Ekra E5 xl 24 x 30. Simple machine. Oven: BTU Pyramax 98 24" belt standard.

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