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DEK 288 users?



DEK 288 users? | 28 August, 2001

Hi all!

We're looking to replace our ol' DEK 265 MK1 with a 288, and I was wondering if there are any users of this printer that have opinions (good, bad, or indifferent)aboutthis machine?

Appreciate it!!

-Steve Gregory-

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Craig P. Brown


DEK 288 users? | 29 August, 2001

Steve: The DEK model 288 was discontinued, and has been replaced by the Infinity. The 288 is still serviced by DEK, and spares are also available. I would welcome the opportunty to discuss both the 288 and the Infinity with you. I can be reached @ 908-782-4140, ext 226.

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Poon Man


DEK 288 users? | 3 September, 2001

Hi Steve,

Our China plant is using DEK 288. The cycle time is very impressive. However, there are some imperfections make our engineers feel bother. Maintenance is a big problem. As the machine was discontinued, the immature design was not improved. Space is very limited for maintenance. Repair time is quite long. For the mechanical parts, the board stopper is alway crashed by PCB. Therefore, it is damaged easily and the board clamp bends occasionally. Overall performance is all right. Hope to help you!

Poon Man

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DEK 288 users? | 7 September, 2001

I would look at other manufacturers.

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DEK 288 users? | 9 September, 2001

I'm getting this printer for 25K...sure, it may have more bells and whistles than I'll ever use, but just wanted to learn if I was getting into something that I'd regret...


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